Chanel Fall 2019/20 - Karl Largerfeld last show

Karl Lagerfeld famously said many things, and one of them was that he did not like funerals. “I do not want anyone to come to mine. Do what you want with the ashes,” he told Vanessa Gregoriadis in a 2002 profile in New York. “Send them down the garbage chute.”

If guests at Chanel’s fall 2019 show needed any further indication that this presentation, Lagerfeld’s final collection after his passing on February 19, wouldn’t mark the occasion in any remarkable way, a simple drawing of Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel on each seat read “and the beat goes on.” There was a minute of silence to mark the occasion and that was that.

So in many ways it was just another Chanel collection with another fantastical set: this time an Alpine ski town complete with piles of snow and smoking chimneys and après-ski clothes. There were chunky knit sweaters and skirts worn with shearling boots; loose, long menswear inspired coats in houndstooth and herringbone prints wrapped at the waist over pleat-front pants that took inspiration from men’s suiting; more classic tweed looks gave way to brightly colored puffers and zip front body suits. A series of feathery white dresses closed the show, delicate as snowflakes modeled by Adut Akech, Kaia Gerber, and Penelope Cruz, who smiled down the runway holding a white rose.

Though nothing about the show invited an emotional outpouring, the finale brought many to tears, including the models and many in the front row. The entire Grand Palais rose to its feet for a standing ovation that lasted for minutes.

Credit to Elle magazine

An Insight on Work Profile of Personal Shoppers

As the luxury market is becoming increasingly crowded and competitive, personal shopping, with its ability of fostering engaged customer relationships, is helping in boosting client loyalty as well as increasing conversion rates. This is an important weapon in the retailer's fight for share of wallet. However, in some respects, luxury personal shopping services are preaching to be converted where you have to only book an appointment if you were already planning to spend. The people that might be attracted to these services will typically be the most loyal and high-spending customers. In the last few years, these services have trickled down from the luxury sector to the mass market, where brand loyalty has become harder to come by and the average customer spend is also not high.

Shopping can be a harrowing and an expensive affair, if you are not sure about choosing the right places and the right clothes for you. A smart shopping experience might only guide you on what is right for you. However, in personal shopping, an Image Consultant or a personal shopper accompanies you after a pre-shopping analysis and also takes you to the right places that sell what you need. The Image Consultant is equipped with the deep knowledge to evaluate your physical and psychological characteristics, values & traits and recommend you the best styles, colors, fabrics, patterns and accessories which suit you. Also you would be taken to the right places to make your choices under the guidance of the consultant, which would save your money, time and effort.

Ideally Personal Shopping services are best availed when the consultant evaluates your life style, personal style, body shape and color characteristics. For example if you can spend more, then the personal shopper will recommend you to buy Birkin bag. This would give you the best advantage, as the Consultant would have evaluated all aspects about your physical and psychological traits and values in detail and can give comprehensive recommendations in return.


Firstly, it is all about increasing exposure to the product. During a personal shopping appointment, a customer is introduced to more products that they would otherwise consider based upon the requirements. For example if a client is looking for a dress, the personal shopper may also attempt to cross-sell them shoes, bag and jewelry to match. Personal shoppers do the leg-work to find the product which is based on the client’s budget, tastes and the occasion for which they may be shopping. This is because every class of people cannot afford Louis Vuitton bag.

Inside the changing room, when the clothes come off and the barriers come down, the personal shopper can even become salesperson and a trusted second opinion. While there is usually no obligation to buy, in some stores personal shoppers work on commission whereby walking out empty handed after attentive one-on-one service is a difficult move for a client to pull off.



·      It does not require a lot of money to start a business.

·      There is no need for any inventory. You just need a deep knowledge about everything your customer wants.

·      While some of the personal shopper works on commission base, likewise, it allows you to get paid to shop.

·      It helps in building rewarding relationships with your clients who trust you blindly to take good decisions on their behalf. If a customer is expecting you to recommend some quality branded products, and you make them purchase Louis Vuitton bag. This way the customer might get happy, that you know what he wants. This builds trust relationship.


·      It can be difficult to have enough clients to make a living. However, the most ideal location for a personal shopper business is in or near a large or metro city.

·      It is not recession-proof. So, in a tough economy, a personal shopper might be an extravagant expense that many families would cut.

·      It may be very difficult to convince people to pay you so that you can shop for them.

·      Picky clients can be very difficult to please as well as handle. If you want them to buy Birkin bag, but they want to try some other brand product, which might not match their traits. This might create confusion.

·      You may be asked to work in unusual hours or put in a lot of time even in holidays too.


Louis vuitton bag.jpg

How to Go Perfect with Accessories – Top Tips

Iris Apfel once said ‘if there was a choice on spending a lot of money on accessories or dress, I always would choose accessories’.

I completely vouch to her thoughts, as howsoever stylish and graceful you may wear, but losing at the accessory end can risk your vogue reputation. Mix and match of your assets with apparels is an art. You may get a Chanel bag, a Louis Vuitton bag, a Rolex watch, Alexander McQueen heels or can even buy birkin bag, but if you don’t wear them correctly, they are not going to show their magic.

So, here is a guide to get your accessory game on point:

Let Only One King Annex the ThroneAlways retain your fashion nerve to let only one - either your dress or accessory to dominate. Getting both on the exhibition can be a drastic fashion blunder as they will fade up each other’s charm. If you are carrying a heavy dress, then keep your jewellery part to the subtle side. And, if you want to flaunt some enormous piece from your collection, resorting to a monotone, low profile dress is a good idea. If carrying statement jewellery, don’t carry any extra piece of accessory and wear elegant and adroit apparel.

Experiment Wisely with Your Collection

Making a good collection of accessories is difficult, but what’s even more? Wearing them beautifully is the real deal! Go wise with your assets and rule them into a flattering element. Some basic points to remember are:

  • Wear a fine watch with a formal suit, a funky one with denims and casuals, and strictly a no with an evening outfit or a ball gown.

  • Carry large scarf with broader neckline and a handkerchief scarf under collared dresses.

  • Don’t overdo accessories and wear only a few but classic pieces. Wearing all belts, scarfs, shoes, ornaments, etc., will just mess up the things for you as well as the viewers’ eyes.

  • Don’t go completely monotone or fully colourful. Mix colours wisely. Use dark footwear and belts with pastel shades and light coloured with bright outfits.

  • Manage the shapes and sizes of accessories. Large metal hoops don’t go good with oversized neckpieces and round studs are a complete mismatch to square or any other shaped pendant.

  • Always choose good quality and elegantly-styled eye blockers and with suitable dresses only. Opting for shield glasses in the sun is a good idea but on a beach dress!! Sorry, it’s a blunder.

Play Cautiously with Jewellery
Earrings, neckpieces, rings, etc., are much dear to ladies and they would not want to spare any chance to ostentatiously display them. But in the hurry of flaunting them, don’t forget the basic style rules for them.

  • ·       Wearing the complete group, having earrings, necklace, rings, etc., can look gaudy. Choose a minimum required number.

  • Commute jewellery with a dress complementing it.

  • Use ornate jewellery only on simple dresses. Such jewellery comes off tacky on heavy and embellished dresses.

  • Consider also the shape and tone of your face while choosing neck attire and earrings.

  • Match the jewellery pieces with each other also. If you are wearing large pieces, then don’t exceed them in number.

  • When nothing works, pick up diamonds. These stars blend with almost everything. Just keep the shape aspect on point.

A Handbag is a Must

Your accessory game has no pint if you are missing on a luxury piece of pochette in your hand. A classic kit always adds to your poise. Always choose the bag according to the needs of dress and event.

  • Slouchy bag for boho skirts and denims

  • Pick up a tote bag for shopping

  • Choose a subtle clutch with a subtle gown for an evening gathering

  • Carry  a classic minaudiere to a cocktail party

  • If you can afford, then always buy a luxury bag as they add a plethora of style and grace to your personality. And if money is a no problem, then freely buy birkin bag.

  • A Chanel bag under quilted range and a Louis Vuitton bag under wristlets are a must for corporate women.

Accessorizing yourself is happiness and accessorizing meticulously is euphoria. So, liberate yourself and get the best from your magical troupe.

Why do you need a personal shopper?

If you are preparing for a big event like a wedding, job interview, important presentation or more, having a personal shopper can take the stress quotient out of the situation easily. Personal shopper Sydney services are becoming very popular now to cater to the fashion needs of shoppers. Are they really necessary? Here are a few reasons why you need a personal shopper.

Expert Fashion Advisors
Personal shoppers offer a highly customized service for individual shoppers. They attend to the individual personally and provide valuable advice related to the trends, products, and services you can use.

 In other words, they act as trusted consultants so your shopping experience is enhanced and you can be assured of value for the money you spend.

Your Own Fashion Stylist
When you hire a personal shopper in Sydney, employed by some of the reputed boutiques or department stores in the city, you can choose the best item for you ranging from clothing and bags to shoes and personal items too.

You can also find freelance personal shoppers that give recommendations online. As many customers lack the time and skill needed to shop for the items they need, having an expert cater to your needs makes everything easier.

Make Shopping Hassle Free
If you are a busy professional or do not like shopping and the hassle attached to searching for the right item, using an image consultation or personal shopper will be a big boon.  If you are starting a new career or meeting your partner or any other occasion you want to look presentable, a personal shopper can help. 

The right clothing and accessories will help you feel confident and make a big difference in the outcome be it at work or any other situation. People who live a luxurious lifestyle or a simple one can use the assistance of a personal shopper as they cater to all types of budgets.

Personal Fashion Stylist
Choosing a personal shopper in London for your services or one in Sydney is easy now as you can easily fix an appointment online.  All you need to do is send the images of the items you need and the personal consultant will provide you with the available options, suggest suitable items and ship them to you on your approval. Your shopping will be completed in a few clicks without leaving your home or office.  And this is true irrespective of how high or low amount of money you want to spend.

When you are preparing for a big event like a special office function, wedding or a major trip, using the services of a personal shopper in London can free you of the stress associated with the preparation. A personal shopper can help sort your current wardrobe and introduce items that you need, update your wardrobe, and improve your appearance at the same time. And you will be purchasing only the items that you need and hence, save unnecessary clutter. In short, you will be free to focus on the matters that need your utmost attention, leaving the matter of your wardrobe shopping in the capable hands of an expert.

How can a Personal Shopper help you?

When it comes to personal styling and shopping, you need to hire a personal shopper in Sydney which is actually a very good investment in terms of your clothing. This will teach you how to go shopping for your kind of body shape and colouring. This will help you in creating a personal dressing style so that you are never found wearing a bad outfit ever again. Having a Personal shopper from Australia as a stylist by your side whenever you go shopping can be a very rewarding and fun experience. Not only will you be able to find those important pieces that last for multiple seasons, but you will also be able to find clothing that will flatter your figure while giving you more confidence. It can potentially be a life-changing experience to show up in great styles with your Hermes Birkin bag on the side. What is holding you back from getting a personal shopper?

How does the whole process work?
This is how the style consultation works. The first and foremost thing to remember that it is all about you, the Client. You will get to meet him/her either in a face to face meeting either on Skype or in person. They will have an opportunity to understand your lifestyle, personal taste, and personality. You will get to know more about the shape of your body and which stores you will be taken to. Your personal shopper will teach you how you can add colour to your clothing and how to make the most of your best features. Mostly during your session together, the style consultant will be eager to listen to what your needs are and then plan a service that will meet your expectations.

Personal Shopping

There are just so many factors that play a role in influencing your habits in shopping and buying things like a Hermes Birkin bag on impulse.  Personal shopper Sydney meets a number of clients all the time who are in the habit of bringing the very same items homes whenever they go shopping and then they wonder how they ended up with 8 brown cardigans, all looking exactly the same in design. Or the case may be that they have too much of the same colour as part of their clothing collection. It is very easy to fall prey to such common habits. There is no wonder then that you struggle to find stuff that will suit you and go well with the remainder of your clothing. Your personal shopper will help you in understanding why it is so crucial to have a good quality core wardrobe. They will also give you tips on why you should prefer quality over quantity when buying your wardrobe. They will be more than happy to take you to the right places where you can buy clothing that matches your shape, budget, and style. You will figure out what colours look good on you, plus you will pick up tips on how you can go shopping with a purpose, just like your Personal shopper in Australia. With your personal shopper on your side, you will snap right out of your style rut to start feeling more confident the next time you go shopping. You will be able to pick the perfect pieces of investment.

Looking for a personal shopper in London? Dubai? Australia?

More people are now adopting the services of a personal shopper in London, Paris, Dubai and Australia. And it does not take much to see why this trend is catching on. Having just one good session with a stylist has the potential of changing your life, will help you in feeling much happier and more confident. However, for this to be made possible, you will have to approach your luxury personal shopper with an open mind.

Working with a Personal Shopper
When you have decided to make use of the services offered by a personal shopper London, it is very important to always remember that they hold expertise in the area of their work. You should hence be approaching their services as you when hiring any other such expert, who may be a medical professional or an accountant. You do not really question a doctor about their knowledge of a given disease that you may be suffering from when you visit him/her. You just place your faith in them and trust that they will find you the best remedy possible. Similarly, you need to trust your luxury personal shopper to buy Birkin bag that is best for you.

Do you have to agree with all they say?
Well, yes and no. You should trust them with the choice they make for special occasions yet it does not mean that you have to buy every piece of clothing that your stylist is going to recommend to you. It does, however, means that you should regard their recommendations and be open-minded to accept their ideas. Feel free to try all sorts of clothing that they are going to recommend to you and be open to stepping out of your comfort zone. If you feel confident and look good at the end of the day, then you can be sure that they have done a good job with you. If, for some reason you are not feeling this way, ask them for more recommendations. It can be really difficult for some people to hand over the control of such a personal facet of their life to someone else, but if you have decided to go with a personal shopper, then you need to trust them.

A Good Wardrobe is Part of Your Well-being
Do you feel at your best in whatever you are wearing? Like more of the people around you, you would like that the clothing that you wear should be reflective of you and what all you have achieved in life.

We are sure that most of you can find better ways of spending your time instead of facing the crowded shopping malls or scrolling through the online stores, looking for the clothing you want to buy. And we are not even talking about the difficulty of finding enough, let alone an expert level of shopping advice. Creating a good collection of clothing that you love, with the right outfits to wear in all parts of your life can be really challenging for someone who dies bot have time for this. And of course, you have to find the best options within a given budget.

It is best to trust your personal shopper to buy Birkin bag or Hermes Mini Kelly that you have been waiting for so long.

Hermes IT bags


The Birkin bag is a personal accessory of luggage or a tote by Hermès that is handmade in leather and named after actress and singer Jane Birkin. Birkins are the most popular bag with handbag collectors, and Victoria Beckham owns over 100 of them.

Its prices range from US$11,900 to $300,000. Costs escalate according to the type of leather and if exotic skins were used. The bags are distributed to Hermès boutiques on unpredictable schedules and in limited quantities, creating artificial scarcity and exclusivity. Small versions (25 cm) may be considered a handbag or purse.

Hermes Kelly

The Kelly bag (formerly known as the Sac à dépêches). Originally a saddle holder, it was redesigned several times before it was popularized by and then named after the American actress and Monégasque princess Grace Kelly. The bag is now an expensive status symbol.

The Kelly bag is a trapezium closed with two straps. Four studs on the bottom, itself made of three layers of leather, enable it to stand on the ground. It is sold in eight sizes, ranging from 15 centimetres (5.9 inches) to 50 centimetres (20 inches). The padlock, keys and hardware are made of white or yellow gold. The construction of each Kelly bag requires 18 to 25 hours of handicraft, with each item being created by a single artisan, resulting in high retail prices .By the mid-1990s, a Kelly bag was priced at US$3,500, and as of 2016, prices range from US$10,000 to US$12,000.

Belt Bags

Belt bags are here to stay!

See below our faves!

Celebs spotted with belt bags

Here’s what the A-list got up to and wore at Coachella 2019

Coachella 2019 is well underway with weekend one done and dusted. And while we wait for weekend two to unravel, we wanted to take a look back at what the A-list wore to celebrate the biggest music festival of all.

Most celebrities prefer to fly under the radar and join the general public for a set or two and enjoy the tunes, but luckily some well-placed cameras caught sight of a number of famous faces, including a handful Victoria’s Secret Angels, Instagam-famous friends and an actor or two.

As always the famous attendees had an eclectic approach to fashion during the weekend, with plenty of crochet, florals and lace on display. Similarly, boots of all kinds, sneakers and cowboy hats made the odd appearance too.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Other notable celebrity appearances included Katy Perry and Orlando Bloomsharing a passionate kiss. Bloom chose not-so-incognito yellow for the weekend, in a matching butter coloured hoodie and shorts. Perry on the other hand wore a black crop top with flame patterned pants and a patent trench coat. Both wore celebrity-approved black caps for keeping a low profile but not so low that we missed that kiss.

Elsewhere, Kylie Jenner arrived in a tie dye Canadian tuxedo and bucket hat combination with beau Travis Scott. Jenner took to Instagram after the denim tie dye moment to post a snap of herself in a sheer rhinestone dress, some believe was the mother-of-one’s second look for the weekend. The Look involved matching gloves and a tiny yellow bag from Gelareh Mizrahi.

Elsa Hook

Elsa Hook

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) were also in attendance, with Jenner wearing a handful of looks across the weekend. First, there was a green Joostricot crop with denim shorts and white cowboy boots followed by an all-white Dsquared2 ensemble with silver mules. Jenner was also spotted at the Revolve Festival wearing a House of Harlow dress and yellow boots before being spotted in leather pants and a long sleeve top.

Jenner and Bieber took in Jaden Smith’s Coachella set which saw the 20-year-old fly on a Tesla.

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s former BFF, was also there to celebrate Smith’s set, running on to the stage to join Smith and his sister Willow Smith. Woods wore a yellow and green sheer top, jeans and a face mask for the occasion. It’s unclear if Woods and Jenner ran into each other at the festival but we know for certain a tie dye-clad Gigi Hadid ran into Jenner at Virgil Abloh’s Saturday set.

Olivia Culpo  Credited to

Olivia Culpo

Credited to