How to Go Perfect with Accessories – Top Tips

Iris Apfel once said ‘if there was a choice on spending a lot of money on accessories or dress, I always would choose accessories’.

I completely vouch to her thoughts, as howsoever stylish and graceful you may wear, but losing at the accessory end can risk your vogue reputation. Mix and match of your assets with apparels is an art. You may get a Chanel bag, a Louis Vuitton bag, a Rolex watch, Alexander McQueen heels or can even buy birkin bag, but if you don’t wear them correctly, they are not going to show their magic.

So, here is a guide to get your accessory game on point:

Let Only One King Annex the ThroneAlways retain your fashion nerve to let only one - either your dress or accessory to dominate. Getting both on the exhibition can be a drastic fashion blunder as they will fade up each other’s charm. If you are carrying a heavy dress, then keep your jewellery part to the subtle side. And, if you want to flaunt some enormous piece from your collection, resorting to a monotone, low profile dress is a good idea. If carrying statement jewellery, don’t carry any extra piece of accessory and wear elegant and adroit apparel.

Experiment Wisely with Your Collection

Making a good collection of accessories is difficult, but what’s even more? Wearing them beautifully is the real deal! Go wise with your assets and rule them into a flattering element. Some basic points to remember are:

  • Wear a fine watch with a formal suit, a funky one with denims and casuals, and strictly a no with an evening outfit or a ball gown.

  • Carry large scarf with broader neckline and a handkerchief scarf under collared dresses.

  • Don’t overdo accessories and wear only a few but classic pieces. Wearing all belts, scarfs, shoes, ornaments, etc., will just mess up the things for you as well as the viewers’ eyes.

  • Don’t go completely monotone or fully colourful. Mix colours wisely. Use dark footwear and belts with pastel shades and light coloured with bright outfits.

  • Manage the shapes and sizes of accessories. Large metal hoops don’t go good with oversized neckpieces and round studs are a complete mismatch to square or any other shaped pendant.

  • Always choose good quality and elegantly-styled eye blockers and with suitable dresses only. Opting for shield glasses in the sun is a good idea but on a beach dress!! Sorry, it’s a blunder.

Play Cautiously with Jewellery
Earrings, neckpieces, rings, etc., are much dear to ladies and they would not want to spare any chance to ostentatiously display them. But in the hurry of flaunting them, don’t forget the basic style rules for them.

  • ·       Wearing the complete group, having earrings, necklace, rings, etc., can look gaudy. Choose a minimum required number.

  • Commute jewellery with a dress complementing it.

  • Use ornate jewellery only on simple dresses. Such jewellery comes off tacky on heavy and embellished dresses.

  • Consider also the shape and tone of your face while choosing neck attire and earrings.

  • Match the jewellery pieces with each other also. If you are wearing large pieces, then don’t exceed them in number.

  • When nothing works, pick up diamonds. These stars blend with almost everything. Just keep the shape aspect on point.

A Handbag is a Must

Your accessory game has no pint if you are missing on a luxury piece of pochette in your hand. A classic kit always adds to your poise. Always choose the bag according to the needs of dress and event.

  • Slouchy bag for boho skirts and denims

  • Pick up a tote bag for shopping

  • Choose a subtle clutch with a subtle gown for an evening gathering

  • Carry  a classic minaudiere to a cocktail party

  • If you can afford, then always buy a luxury bag as they add a plethora of style and grace to your personality. And if money is a no problem, then freely buy birkin bag.

  • A Chanel bag under quilted range and a Louis Vuitton bag under wristlets are a must for corporate women.

Accessorizing yourself is happiness and accessorizing meticulously is euphoria. So, liberate yourself and get the best from your magical troupe.